Strategic staffing

In today’s dynamic and fast-paced employment landscape, you don’t have to look far to see dramatic changes taking place in businesses around the world today. Companies both large and small globally are considering how their current business process and workplace strategy can keep up with the rapid changes in technology, employee expectations and what lies ahead for their organisation for the future.  

Making sure you have the right team in place along with not only the right number of staff, but also ensuring that your staff are equipped with the right skills, represents a difficult challenge for hiring managers across New Zealand. Forward-thinking companies have embraced the idea of ‘strategic staffing’.

What is strategic staffing?

The concept of ‘strategic staffing’ is to utilise a mix of permanent and temporary professionals in across your workplace in place of the more traditional full-time employment mix. Learn more about how you can use strategic staffing in your business:

How can strategic staffing benefit your business?

Having a strategic plan for your business allows you as a HR professional or hiring manager to map out your current and future employment goals as well as account for potential demands in staff while keeping your ultimate business goals and vision at the forefront of the discussion. A strategic staffing plan is aimed at aligning your business objectives with the amount and type of staff you need to obtain and retain to grow your business (and ultimately, drive profits).

From an employee engagement perspective, strategic staffing gives your people the flexibility they need as their environment changes, and positively impacts their job satisfaction by providing the opportunity for work life balance.

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