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At Robert Half we are committed to helping finance, accounting, technology and office support professionals find meaningful and fulfilling career placements. We understand that job seekers are critical to our success, and that’s why our expert consultants are passionate about connecting you with the best job opportunities that match your skills and experience.  

We understand that job seekers are critical to our success, and that’s why our expert consultants are passionate about connecting you with the best job opportunities that match your skills and experience.

To help you prepare for a successful job search, we offer a range of tools and career advice resources to put you in the best position possible to find the perfect role. Along with personal guidance from our consultants, our online resources include: 

Employer Advice on Attracting Staff

How to write a resume

From CV writing tips for graduates and CV templates to practical advice on writing effective cover letters, you’ll find all the information you need for a professional job application.

Advice when hiring staff

How to write a cover letter

Cover letters can be tricky - while a well written one can make a powerful impression on your future employer, a lacklustre letter can damage your professional credibility. Read our strategies for how to write a cover letter that sings your praises.

Staff retention

Job interview tips and advice

Got a job interview coming up? Do your homework with our range of interview questions and answers, common mistakes to avoid and what to do after an interview.

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How to assess a job offer

Before you accept a position, take the time to consider it fully. Read our article with questions to ask yourself to determine whether the job is a good fit for you.

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Networking tips

Mastering the art of networking can be a daunting task but it’s an important skill to master in anyone’s career development. Learning how to network with colleagues and industry peers can help you to by creating new business opportunities.

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Soft skills in demand

Employers are increasingly looking for employees with quality soft skills. Read our examples of soft skills and advice on how to hone yours.

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Time management tips

Experiencing high-volume periods of activity at your office? Read our great tips on how to managing your time efficiently to maintain your work life balance.

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How to increase your employee value

Even if you feel confident your company truly needs you, it doesn’t hurt to assess whether you’re doing enough to ensure you’re the type of worker your employer would go the distance to retain.

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Workload overload: knowing when and how to ask for help

Is your workload increasing? Don’t stress, learn how to prioritise your workload proactively.

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Preparing for a performance review

Preparing thoroughly for your performance evaluation does require some effort, but it will help you feel more confident about the process and ensure it will be a productive two-way discussion with your boss. Read our checklist with 3 top tips on how to prepare for a performance review.

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Job burnout: How to spot the signs and avoid a meltdown

If routine assignments have taken on mammoth proportions, you may be suffering from burnout.

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How to advance your career

When it comes to career progression, there are many ways to advance, either at your current organisation or with a new employer and it’s up to you to make it happen! Here are our recommendations on how to advance your career by taking advantage of opportunities in your workplace.

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4 ways to help accounting and finance employees stay up-to-date with technology

Technology keeps evolving, which means keeping the team up to date with changes can be difficult for some finance managers. Here are some ways to help your employees grow their tech skills.

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CA vs CPA: which accounting qualification is right for you?

The CA and CPA are fantastic accounting qualifications that can give your career a competitive edge. But how do you choose which one to study?

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How to answer 'what was your most recent salary?'

Negotiating salary with your potential employer? Here’s how to handle questions about your most recent salary.

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The high cost of low salaries: why paying a competitive salary is important

Wages may be classed as an operating expense, but like any good investment staff salaries can deliver healthy returns.

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When should you discuss salary in an interview?

For many of us, being compensated fairly for our skills and experience impacts job satisfaction. However, it’s important to broach the salary conversation with your prospective employer at the right stage. Failing to do so could compromise your chance of securing the role.

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Your career in finance - 10 skills that really count

In today’s fast-evolving workplace, accounting and finance professionals must demonstrate everything from razor-sharp analytical ability and stellar interpersonal skills to a sharp understanding of industry-standard software. So, how do you know whether your resume will reach the top of the pile or is destined to fall short?

Staff retention

Robert Half Salary Guide

Are you looking for a new job and and want to find out how your salary expectations match up to those of your industry peers? Use the Robert Half Salary Guide to find out average salaries for the roles you are applying for and how to negotiate your new salary package.

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Visit our e-Learning centre

Want to up-skill to take your career to the next level? Visit the Robert Half e-learning centre, offering over 8,000 online training courses to help improve your skills and land your dream job. 

We also have an in depth collection of articles on our worklife blog packed with career advice for ambitious thinkers. The blog includes articles written for job seekers looking for a new job, professionals wanting advice on how to get promoted, and hiring managers sourcing for top talent; or to access our latest video content visit the Robert Half YouTube Channel.

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