Performance review templates

Performance reviews demand more than a few scribbled notes on a page. Having accurate records of what was discussed in a review meeting is essential. You may also need to revisit past review notes to facilitate improved performance management from one review to the next.

A performance template can be used to record each staff member’s goals from their previous review, and the progress towards achieving these objectives.

To streamline the review process, Robert Half has provided a performance review template that addresses an employee’s goals – past and present, their performance characteristics, and an opportunity to rate how well employees are fulfilling the demands of their role. The format of our performance appraisal template can be modified for your company and different employee roles.

Prior to the performance review

Consider what your employee has done well, and where they could improve, as well as any outstanding contributions to the company, such as suggesting key initiatives or innovations and involvement in successful projects.

During the performance review

Use the performance review template to record feedback from your employee and discuss goals for the future including training or professional development. It is important to be as specific as possible – once the performance review is completed, the staff member needs to sign off on their performance review to confirm that you both agree on what was discussed and any action that needs to be taken in the future.

The information recorded in the performance review appraisal then provides a lasting record for you to measure future progress.

Performance review template

This performance review template provides a starting point of factors to discuss during your meetings with employees – their skills, ability and performance across a number of workplace characteristics, with a rating from unsatisfactory to excellent.

As such, the performance appraisal template is a starting point for your conversations with staff members, and it allows room for comments. These additional notes can be extremely helpful, allowing you to refer back to what was said when the next review period begins.

Below is a template of how you may assess and discuss each employee’s performance in regards to fulfilling their core duties.