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At Robert Half, we're always looking for new ways to keep you up-to-date on all the latest recruitment news, workplace trends and developments across New Zealand and the wider Asia Pacific region. In addition to identifying employment trends through our daily interactions with companies and job seekers, we conduct extensive research on hiring and employment issues. Alongside our press releases, we also offer a range of rich-media content such as videos and infographics to help you stay on top of industry news and trends.

Read our latest press releases and research findings, including results from our ongoing surveys of CFOs, and other senior executives including HR Directors. 


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27 September

New research by Robert Half shows more jobs are expected to be created than replaced by automation. 

24 August

According to Robert Half research, the millennial generation is expected to make a positive and progressive impact on the New Zealand workplace.

25 July

Counteroffers are proving to be ineffective in retaining employees for the long-term despite being common practice for many New Zealand companies. Read more here. 

20 June

Robert Half research has found the majority of New Zealand CFOs expect stress levels for their finance staff to rise over the next three years. Read more here. 

23 May

Robert Half research has found being perceived as an ethical company ranks higher than being perceived as a company that pays high salaries. Read more here. 

17 May

Technical skills continue to be a fundamental requirement for a successful career, yet soft skills have gained in importance as they allow professionals to add significant value to an organisation. Read more here. 

28 March

Kiwi jobseekers aiming to give their career a fresh start should start by polishing up their resume and job interview skills. Read more here. 

21 March

In a new survey, New Zealand CFOs were asked what their top three key priorities and challenges will be in 2017. Read more here. 

07 February

Kiwi employees are best positioned to ask for a salary increase during a performance review or at the start of a new project. Read more here. 

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