Bookkeeper salary

Salary by region

Average Bookkeeper salary in Auckland: $68,000

Job growth

Job growth in the finance and accounting sector in New Zealand is heavily affected by automation, with many traditional bookkeeping functions such as data collection, report generation and data entry already automated. However, rather than eliminating available jobs, automation has provided the opportunity for bookkeepers to turn their focus to activities that add greater value to the organisation. Promisingly, 86% of CFOs agreed workplace automation demands a shift in the skills required for finance professionals to be relevant and competitive, meaning the growth of bookkeepers will depend on how effectively candidates can adapt to digitisation.

Opportunities for a competitive Bookkeeper salary

Bookkeepers are at the core of accounting teams, responsible for maintaining a variety of ledgers and financial processes. Though many of the traditional functions of the role have, or will be automated by digital transformation, candidates who are adaptable to change can leverage this quality to negotiate a more competitive Bookkeeper salary. Robert Half research found that an ability to influence ideas and communicate to a range of stakeholders are the top characteristics sought in candidates, so bookkeepers are advised to continuously refine these qualities in order to remain as leading industry talent.

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