Business Analyst salary

Salary by region

Average Business Analyst salary in Auckland: $100,000

Job growth

Digital transformation and automation is the leading trend that is influencing the finance and accounting sector in 2018. As such, in addition to formal qualifications, professionals in this sector also need to possess high level analytical skills, an ability to learn quickly, and be willing to adopt new technologies and processes efficiently. As manual tasks are replaced by automation, business analysts are needed for their commercial acumen and capacity to forecast future market trends and make strategic decisions.

Opportunities for a competitive Business Analyst salary

Business analysts are one of the top three finance and accounting positions in demand in New Zealand, making them highly sought after across the country. With the sector’s focus on technological solutions, candidates in possession of IT skills and with knowledge of financial systems can find themselves in a strong position to negotiate their salary. Knowledge of predictive analytics, business intelligence and performance management software such as Cognos provides can also mean a more competitive Business Analyst salary.

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