Finance Manager salary

Salary by region

Average Finance Manager salary in Auckland: $120,000

Job growth

Finance managers are increasingly on the lookout for new rewarding job opportunities in New Zealand due to optimism in the economy, and the increased number of high-level positions opening in start-up businesses. As a result, positions for finance managers in New Zealand are anticipated to grow in 2018, presenting more opportunities for candidates with expertise in this job function.

While employment growth in New Zealand's finance and accounting sector in 2018 remains steady, issues such as skills shortage and digitisation are still having an impact on overall job growth. Technological advancements are phasing out finance and accounting functions across New Zealand, making skills such as financial analysis, forecasting and management highly prized by employers, so finance managers skilled in these areas will find themselves in high demand.

Opportunities for a competitive Finance Manager salary

While there is growing need for this role, candidates who seek to negotiate a higher salary or benefits package will need to demonstrate a high commercial insight that can assist with driving business strategy forward. Additionally, candidates that are adept at using predictive analytics tools and enterprise planning software such as TM1 or SAP to efficiently minimise financial risk, make critical long-term business decisions, and report on successes are well positioned to negotiate a top Finance Manager salary.

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