Data Analyst salary

Salary by region

Average Data Analyst salary in Auckland: $80,000

Job growth

Job growth for data analysts in New Zealand has been heavily influenced by rapid technological advancement. As the role of a Data Analyst is to determine how companies shape business strategy and improve product and service offerings, there is a high demand for candidates with a mix of both technical and business skills, and a capacity to interpret data according to departmental needs. Additionally, with protection from cyber-attacks and data breaches being critical to business operations in 2018, data analysts are needed to assist with the implementation of robust safeguards.

Opportunities for a competitive Data Analyst salary

Data analysts are responsible for interpreting data and interpreting it into information which can be used to make advantageous business decisions, impacting strategy and overall organisational performance. As a role that regularly liaises with both internal and external stakeholders, candidates with exceptional communication and interpersonal skills are in prime position to negotiate a competitive Data Analyst salary.

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