Project Coordinator salary

Salary by region

Average Project Coordinator salary in Auckland: $110,000

Job growth

The demand for highly skilled IT talent in New Zealand’s technology industry continues to be shaped by rapid technological advancement. The recruitment of project coordinators in 2018 is being influenced by the increased implementation of Development Operations (DevOps) teams, who are responsible for increasing the efficiency of collaboration within an IT department. As a product of the current skills shortage in the IT industry, research by Robert Half found that 82% of New Zealand CIOs find it more challenging to find qualified IT professionals today than compared to five years ago. As a result, project coordinators have an advantage of choice and negotiation in a highly competitive IT recruitment market.

Opportunities for a competitive Project Coordinator salary

Because the skills shortage in New Zealand’s IT sector is driven, in part, by a high demand for candidates with a mix of strong technical and business skills, project coordinators who can demonstrate such capabilities will find themselves in high demand. Responsible for supporting project team members and helping to deliver major organisational projects to deadline, candidates who can showcase strong communication and organisational skills are in a better position to negotiate a higher Project Coordinator salary.

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