Software Developer salary

Salary by region

Average Software Developer salary in Auckland: $70,000

Job growth

The accelerating pace of technological change is a key driver of Software Developer job growth in 2018. As businesses need to find greater efficiencies in their IT teams, Development Operations (DevOps) processes are being implemented to encourage more effective departmental collaboration. Responsible for liaising with business analysts and development managers, software developers are a key DevOps role, and as such are highly-sought after. With 82% of New Zealand CIOs finding it more challenging to secure qualified IT professionals compared to five years ago, software developers have become one of the most promising positions in the technology sector this year due their adaptability and cross-functional skills.

Opportunities for a competitive Software Developer salary

Software developers are responsible for the development, design and implementation of an organisation’s software products and ongoing business projects. They are required to possess a refined combination of technical skills and soft skills, namely strong written and verbal communication, good business judgement and extraordinary attention to detail. Candidates with both these skill sets are in a prime position to negotiate a higher Software Developer salary.

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