Finance 2020

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The finance function is facing what is possibly the biggest era of transformation in its history. Now is the time for CFOs and finance leaders to consider current financial trends and determine how they should be planning for the future of finance.

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Download the Robert Half Finance 2020 report

Important finance skills to develop by 2020

Important skills for finance professionals to develop

Looking ahead to 2020, finance professionals will need to continually develop their technical and soft skills as the landscape continues to change. The ability to analyse data and provide insights, as well as strong business acumen and communication skills, have developed into essential financial skills.

Expectations of the finance function by 2020

Expectations of the finance function by 2020

The expanding role of the CFO will come with new expectations from the business. Looking forward, CFOs will be need to simultaneously broaden and deepen their roles. The opportunity is to redefine the role as well as the goals of the CFO and the overall future of the finance function.

Building the finance dream team

Building the finance dream team

To effectively leverage the potential of emerging technology, develop and implement innovative projects, and drive performance, the finance function needs to have the necessary specialised skills. CFOs say they find it challenging to find skilled finance professionals with the necessary niche skills.

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