Frequently asked questions

Recruitment agencies such as Robert Half specialise in finding and recruiting top talent in New Zealand for roles you are hiring for. The hiring process can often be a lengthy process that requires time and resource allocation - whereas recruitment agencies are designed to help streamline the process through combining their technology and network for expert talent in Auckland. If you are looking to hire talent, simply complete our hiring request form.

Before you apply for a job in New Zealand, here are some important steps to make sure you are well prepared:

  1. Ensure your CV is updated.
  2. Think about where you want to take your career.
  3. Take the time to properly prepare for job interviews.
  4. Submit your resume to a recruitment agency to assist with finding a role that suits you.

Recruiting new employees can often take a long time and can drain on staff resources to review resumes and book interviews with candidates. A recruitment agency such as Robert Half however has access to a wide network of talented jobseekers who are ready for new job opportunities. More importantly, a recruitment agency can reduce the time to hire that your company would spend on finding candidates and offer you a streamlined approach. If you are looking to hire talent, simply complete our hiring request form. You can also see what our customers are saying or check out our Google Reviews in Auckland.

If you are looking to hire and would like a job opening posted with Robert Half, simply fill in an our Request Talent form and one of our recruitment consultants will be in touch.

The Robert Half recruitment agency in Auckland is located in the SAP Tower on Level 13, 151 Queen Street, Auckland

The best way to enter the SAP tower is via Queen Street. Upon entering, simply approach the lower rise lift area to reach Level 13. When you exit the lift go right down the corridor where you will meet the Robert Half Auckland reception desk.

If you are arriving by train, the nearest train station is Britomart which is approximately a 5-10 minute walk away. There are multiple bus stops within walking distance of the office.