Hiring the best people

Acquiring the art of hiring can be a long road - and with other companies competing for the same top talent, it takes creativity to locate (and persuade!) the right person for your job opening. 

Here are our top tips to take into consideration when sourcing top professionals for your next job hire:

Request referrals. Ask for recommendations from colleagues and contacts in your professional network, as well as from family members, friends, and current and former employees. Top professionals tend to socialise and know other industry talent of the same calibre. To encourage referrals from your staff, consider offering incentives to people whose recommendations result in a hire.

Be visible. Get your company’s name out there by nominating your business for a local “Best Places to Work” list, participating actively in the community, showcasing your social responsibility initiatives, and developing other strategies to draw attention to your firm’s reputation and achievements. Your goal is to distinguish yourself as an employer of choice.

Empower your employees to become ambassadors for your firm. Encourage internal staff to attend networking events and join professional associations. Suggest that they talk about what it’s like to work for the company. They may meet potential job seekers while helping to enhance your firm’s reputation. 

Use social networking. Online recruitment has changed since the invention of social media channels. Besides listing available positions on their corporate websites or on internet job boards, more employers are tapping into popular networking sites such as LinkedIn and Facebook as alternative recruiting resources and ways to locate information on potential hires. 

Combine high-tech and high-touch approaches. Recruiting via social networks is a new endeavor for many companies; many are still experimenting with what works and what doesn’t. And while using the web may be a convenient way to recruit, results are often mixed. Thus, an employer’s online efforts should augment, not replace, traditional one-on-one personal contact. This includes outreach to potential employees through networking events and job fairs, as well as establishing a relationship with your local recruitment expert at Robert Half. As a global recruitment agency, we can connect you to sought after candidates, many of whom may not be applying for roles at the moment.

Be creative with your hiring proposition. To stand out as a prospective employer, your company should offer as many popular employee benefits as is feasible. Beyond the standard remuneration options, attractive packages may include alternative work arrangements, performance-based bonuses, tuition reimbursement and child care referral services. 

Offer competitive salaries. To attract the most skilled professionals, you need to stay up-to-date with what other companies in your area are willing to paying for similar work. Each year, Robert Half publishes Salary Guides that provide comprehensive data on average salaries for accounting and finance, and IT & technology professionals. Regularly consult these, and other industry resources to ensure the compensation you offer is consistent with market trends. If you can afford it, consider offering slightly more than the going rate or, once you get to interviews, a bit more than what the applicant requests. That way a new employee will feel valued from day one. 

Are you hiring right now? Submit your vacancy or contact your nearest local recruitment expert for a confidential chat about your requirements.

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