Assistant Accountant salary

Salary by region

Average Assistant Accountant salary in Auckland: $65,000

Job growth

Digital disruption is the major force impacting job growth the finance and accounting industry in New Zealand this year. The role of the Assistant Accountant demands a refined set of both technical and soft skills to handle change in the digital age, and employers seek candidates who can readily shift their focus to activities that add greater value to the organisation. To stay ahead, candidates should ensure they acquire IT-based skills, and experience with technologies such as SAP accounting software and accounts payable automation to keep up with digitisation in the industry.

Opportunities for a competitive Assistant Accountant salary

Assistant accountants are responsible for supporting many members of an organisation’s finance team, and as such need to exhibit extraordinary organisational and multitasking skills to be eligible for a competitive remuneration package. IT-based skillsets are highly sought-after in assistant accountants, and those possessing strong technical skills with accounting software will have greater leveraging power when it comes to negotiating an Assistant Accountant salary.

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