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The Robert Half Salary Guide provides you with unique insights into the latest average finance & accounting salaries, including anticipated year on year increases.

Are you a job seeker? Use the guide to measure your salary expectations against other finance & accounting professionals - perhaps it's time to ask for a pay rise or search for a new job.

Are you a hiring manager? Use this valuable resource to determine salary levels for new employees and stay up-to-date with emerging trends in today's recruitment market.

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Finance & Accounting salary trends
  • Demand for qualified finance professionals continues to grow, with 88% of New Zealand CFOs saying it's challenging to find skilled financial staff.
  • 42% of New Zealand CFOs plan to further strengthen and expand their financial and accounting teams this year, and 46% will fill vacated positions.
  • Achieving the right mix of skills is not always without challenges - the majority of finance leaders across New Zealand are finding it difficult to find qualified candidates.
  • New Zealand businesses are raising the bar for their finance and accounting teams, looking for professionals with specific expertise, a proven track record, and outstanding business acumen.
  • In today's competitive hiring environment, companies need to be wary of imposing too many requirements on the 'ideal' candidate - this creates the risk of missing out on an applicant who may be well-suited to the role on offer.
  • Across New Zealand, businesses need to be prepared for what is shaping up to be a battle to recruit the best finance and accounting talent, especially those with in-demand skills.
Finance & Accounting hiring climate
  • A lack of niche and/or technical expertise is the leading reason why CFOs are struggling to find suitable finance and accounting candidates.
  • Soft skills are increasingly regarded as “need-to-have” competencies, with preference being shown for candidates with clear leadership skills who can communicate financial information to stakeholders and colleagues who do not have a finance background.
  • The CA and CPA designations remain the 'gold standard' of post-grad qualifications for accounting professionals, giving candidates a clear competitive edge.
  • In today's market, interim employees within finance and accounting are adding value across every stage of the business hierarchy.
  • Interim professionals can be used for various reasons including covering peak periods of the business calendar, or filling the gap between one employee leaving and finding a permanent replacement.
  • Interim finance & accounting professionals are also sought after to provide specific purpose - including managing complex projects and initiatives.
  • Experienced interim employees can provide the objective view of an external expert and bring fresh insights to an organisation.
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