Accountant salary

Salary by region

Average Administrative Assistant salary in Auckland: $82,000

Job growth

The accounting industry in New Zealand will continue to be impacted by digitisation and automation in 2018. Traditional accounting functions, such as invoicing, data entry and credit management have already become either automated, or are likely to be disrupted within the next three years. However, automation is likely to create more growth opportunities in accounting than it replaces, with professionals adjusting their focus to activities that add greater value to the organisation they work for.

Opportunities for a competitive Accountant salary

A top Accountant salary in 2018 will be determined by a strong combination of technical and soft skills. With the disruptive forces of automation and digitisation leading workplace trends for Accountants in 2018, candidates who focus on acquiring new skills to accommodate these changes can find themselves in a position to negotiate a higher Accountant salary. Candidates with experience in technological solutions such as accounts payable automation and SAP accounting software, or with IT capabilities will be highly sought-after. Soft skills also remain important, and qualities such as flexibility, strong communication and the ability to influence ideas will also be essential for accountants who intend to be deemed top talent.

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